The Life offers today’s wealthy consumer exclusive visibility into emerging trends and provides an aspirational audience a level of unmatched entertainment with engaging, emotionally triggering content. The Life connects viewers to the products and people that make the affluent lifestyle possible through one-of-a-kind, dynamic experiences in stunning locations with influential figures who live the best lifestyle money can buy. With its modern and alluring style, The Life is essential viewing for the wealthy consumer.

This series takes you into the underground lives of four couples known by their neighbors, coworkers and colleagues as normal, everday people. What many do not realize is that all of these couples are "swingers" whose lifestyle is shared by an estimated 15 million to 30 million people in the Unites States. Watch how traditional life takes a turn after hours for these couples on this new series.
The rebound of the real estate industry didn't happen on its own. The subprime mortgage crash of 2008 left behind abandoned neighborhoods in all 50 states and a breeding ground for crime. But, for Andrew Kaplan, it's just another day at the office. Hardore Property takes you through the side of Real Estate that is rarely seen yet responsible for the turnaround of many of the most desireable neighborhoods on the market today.
Steve Horowitz and David Benlolo represent the furthest of worlds; now the two have come together to build an empire in the most controversial of industries. The once struggling "Ganja Gormet" in Denver, Colorado is scooped up by a Cannabis Venture Capitalist (Benlolo) in an attempt to create a successful comeback of the brand.
Ivan "Doc" Holiday is the authority in corporate renewal and implementation of security... for bars. A Canadian native and American Mensa member, Doc uses years of security training, safety certifications and good ole' fashioned "intelligence" to take bars to the next level in operational efficiency. Doc completes a security review and puts into action customized policies and procedures for bar management and staff using state of the art technology.
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