The key to successful branded programming is adequate funding. Traditionally, programs are funded by sponsors who pay to air commercial ads during a chosen daypart. Without a real connection between the content and the commercials, brand impressions become less effective and in some cases lose nearly 100% of thier value to the advertiser. At VLTRA, we remedy this by developing content which is complemented only by products that help strengthen the focus of the show, adding needed realism to the production, credibility of the brands involved and bridging the gap that typically exists between products and viewers. We then marry this business model with modern social tools that measure that connection far more accurately than ever before. This process allows us to create unique branding opportunities for select companies or products that we consider valuable to the focus of our shows.
At The VLTRA Group, we develop entertaining television programming poised for network distribution. The staff at VLTRA includes production, program development and finance executives who work together to develop the ultimate in entertainment for our viewers and the most impactful engagement experience for everyone. The team involved in VLTRA projects are veterans of the industry and are responsible for programs airing on Fox, Discovery Channel, History Channel, Lifetime Television, TruTV, Travel Channel and many others. Our shows are developed based on extensive research and educated forecasts of viewer demand.
Choosing a home for a television series is more than a pitch or a media buy. The perfect match of subject and medium must exist in order target and retain the right audience. At The VLTRA Group, we utilize traditional broadcast, proprietary internet television (iTV) and viral public channels (like YouTube, for example) to distribute our shows. This allows a strong presence on established, national networks, a controlled environment through which we can customize online ad campaigns and a public medium for social networking. The result is a carefully planned distribution strategy that supports show growth and also helps power the marketing initiatives of our content partners.
The VLTRA Group also partners with various media outlets, magazine publishers, wire services and social platforms when promoting our shows. These relationships provide an additional conduit for driving show interest, delivering conversion-ready traffic to our show partners and advertisers and allowing our viewers to participate in events related to the show, like sweepstakes and real-time conversation.
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